Fempower Account
Conventional  Fempower Account

Women play a vital role in socio-economic development of any country. We cannot progress unless we promote inclusive banking and provide equal opportunities to the most important segment of our society, i.e., women. Women constitute almost half of our population and still this segment stands under tapped when it comes to financial inclusion and provision of banking services. In order to encourage this important and under-banked segment of our society to open bank accounts and to promote SBP’s vision of inclusive banking and banking on equality policy, BOK Conventional Banking Group plans to launch an account for the adult female population of Pakistan with the brand name of BOK FEMPOWER ACCOUNT … Apna Account Apna Ikhtiyar available under both current and saving modes.

  • Initial Deposit Requirement is Rs. 100/-
  • Free ATM/Debit Card (first time issuance only). However, annual and renewal charges will be applicable as per prevailing Schedule of Service (Conventional).
  • Free issuance of 25 leaves cheque book (first time only)
  • Free Online Transactions (within the Bank Transfers)
  • Free Internet Banking and Mobile App
  • Free SMS alerts on all transactions
  • 1% lower concessional profit rate than applicable profit rate at time of availing financing on BOK’s own consumer products for availing Car, House, Personal finance facility. The concessional profit rate will be available upon meeting all the criteria of consumer financing laid down by BOK policy and PR’s of SBP.
  • Waiver of annual rent (only for 1st Year) on small lockers (subject to availability). However, onwards annual rent will be charge as per prevailing SOC.
  • 50 % waiver as per prevailing SOC on Banker’s cheque /Pay Order/Demand Drafts as well as Clearing charges (inward, outward) for local currency.
  • Individual Females having valid CNIC. In case of Joint account, primary account holder will be female.
  • Withholding Tax and Zakat applicable as per prevailing laws and regulations of Pakistan.
  • For further details, visit any nearest Branch of BOK.

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