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Raast Pay Plus Account

Deposits in Raast Pay Plus Account in BOK Islamic Banking are accepted on Musharaka basis (Profit & Loss) strictly in conformity with the principles of Islamic Shariah. The deposits received in Raast Pay Plus Accounts are invested in Islamic assets like Murabaha, Ijarah, Diminishing Musharaka or Islamic Sukuks etc which are duly approved by Shariah Board. The Raast Pay Plus account opening facility is available in all BOK Islamic Branches as well as Islamic Banking windows at Conventional Branches of BOK.

Terms and Conditions of Pay Con Takaful Coverage

  • The Pay Con Group Takaful Coverage is provided by the Windows Takaful Operator - EFU Life Assurance Ltd.
  • The Pay Con coverage offer to account holder is free of cost, BOK-Islamic Banking Group will have borne all takaful expenses.
  • Pay Continuity (Pay Con facility) for Consecutive 03 - months period Offer to nominee(s) based on the customer’s last take home salary (In case of Natural Death or Accidental of the RPA account holder).
  • All active account holders are eligible for Pay Con facility.
  • The eligible age limit is between 16 to 60 Years nearest birthday for Raast Pay Plus Account holder subject to following exceptions
    Age between Age between 18 and 62 years nearest birthday for High Court Employees
    Age between 18 and 65 years nearest birthday for Supreme Court Employees
    Age between 18 and 67 years nearest birthday for High Courts and Supreme Court Judges
  • Continuation of monthly basic salary for a period of 3 months up to a maximum sum covered of Rs. 3,000,000.


  • No benefit will be payable if the death of Member results directly or indirectly, wholly or partly, as a result of related to:
  • Suicide, intentional self-inflicted injury, failure to seek or follow medical advice, taking of drugs, any mental or psychosomatic disorder which is not caused by a physical disease.
  • Dormant accounts are not included for Pay Con facility.


  • No minimum balance requirement
  • No initial deposit requirement
  • Profit calculated on monthly average balance
  • Profit credited on monthly basis.
  • Free debit card (First time issuance)
  • Free cheque book of 50 leaves (First time issuance)
  • Free unlimited online transactions
  • Free statement of account
  • Free SMS alerts
  • Free internet & mobile banking
  • Pay Continuity for Consecutive 03 - months period Offer to nominee(s) based on the customer’s last take home salary. (In case of Natural Death or Accidental Death of the Raast Pay Plus account holder).
  • Shariah Compliant finance facility of “Raast Salary in Advance”. The basic purpose of this finance facility is to fulfill urgent need of cash. 
  • All salaried Individuals, currently this product offered to Govt. Salaried Employees.
  • Withholding Tax and Zakat applicable as per prevailing laws and regulations of Pakistan.
  • For further details, visit any nearest Islamic Branch of BOK or Islamic Banking Windows.

Note: Weightages will be announced before starting of each month and Profit will be declared up to seven days of subsequent month. In case of loss, loss will be bear as per investment according to rules of Musharakah. For historical profit rates please click on link

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