Corporate Banking
Working Capital Finance

The Bank of Khyber offers a wide range of Shariah compliant products and services to cater the business needs of the customer. Following are the suitable products to meet your business demand.


Murabaha is best suited for customers to meet the short term working capital requirements of any business for purchase of raw material, goods and merchandising as well as export financing and Import financing etc. Murabaha means a sale of goods by a person to another under an arrangement whereby the seller is obliged to disclose to the buyer the cost of goods sold either on cash basis or deferred payment basis and a margin of profit included in the sale price of goods agreed to be sold. Murabaha may be transacted in both tangible and intangible assets. It shall not be transacted in respect of any debt instrument including receivables. Being a sale transaction, it is essential that the commodities which are the subject of sale in a Murabaha transaction must exist.


Salam (advance payment against deferred delivery of goods) means a kind of sale whereby the seller undertakes to supply specific goods to a buyer at a future date in consideration of a price fully paid in advance at the time the contract of sale is made. The specifications, quality and quantity of the commodity must be determined to avoid any ambiguity which could become a cause of dispute. Date and place of delivery must be agreed upon but can be changed with mutual consent of the parties.


Istisna is a mode of sale, at an agreed price, whereby the buyer places an order to manufacture, assemble or construct, or cause so to do anything to be delivered at a future date. The commodity must be known and specified to the extent of removing any ambiguity regarding its specifications including kind, type, quality and quantity etc. Price of the goods to be manufactured must be fixed in absolute and unambiguous terms. The agreed price may be paid in lump sum or in installments in the matter mutually agreed by the parties. Providing of material required for manufacture of commodity is not the responsibility of the buyer.


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