Savings A/Cs
BOK Special Deposit Accounts

Minimum Initial Deposit Requirement:

  • The account is opened with an amount of PKR 50,000/- as an Initial Deposit.

Minimum Monthly Balance Requirement:

  • The minimum monthly balance requirement is PKR 100,000/-Monthly

Account Maintenance Charges:

  • Flat charges are applied as per the latest SOBC where minimum monthly average balance is less than Rs: 100,000/-

Special Deposit Account Eligible Customers:

  • Individual (Singly or Jointly)
  • Individual Business
  • Diplomat
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Joint Stock Company (Public/ Private/ Listed/ Unlisted)
  • Partnership Firm (Registered/ Unregistered)
  • Government Organization (Federal/ Provincial)
  • District Government/ Local Government Organization
  • Trust/ Club/ Association/ Society/ Political Party/ Charity/ NGO/ NPO
  • Public Sector Corporation/ Autonomous Body

Salient Features:

  • This is a profit bearing and chequing account.
  • Per Annum Profit of 20.50%.
  • ADCs services are available.
  • The profit is calculated on daily actual deposits basis.
  • This Product is available in PKR only.
  • Statement of Account will be issued semi-annually.
  • Zakat will be deducted as per the applicable rules.
  • Withholding tax is deducted from the profit as per the prevailing rates.

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