Current Account
Kamaal Plus Current Account

Kamaal plus current account is a Rupee-based current account designed specially to cater the business needs of retailers, traders and businesspersons with a number of special features offered by BOK.

  • Unlimited Deposit and Withdrawal Facility.
  • Unlimited Free Online Transactions (within the Bank).
  • Unlimited Free Call Deposits.
  • Free Personalized Cheque book (one free cheque book of 50 leaves per year).
  • Unlimited Free Crossed Banker’s Cheques (CBCs) including Pay Order and Demand Draft.
  • Free ATM/Debit Card.
  • Free Statement of Account.
  • Unlimited Free SMS Alerts (on all transactions).
  • Nature of account is current, i.e. Cost Free.
  • Initial Deposit Requirement to open account is Rs.5,000/-
  • If the balance is less than Rs.5,000/- per month on monthly average basis at the month end then incidental charges will be deducted from account as per prevailing SOCB).
  • Condition of minimum balance requirement is not applicable during the first month of account opening.
  • Free services/facilities during a month will be provided upon maintenance of minimum daily balance of Rs.25,000/- (i.e. account balance should not fall below Rs.25,000/- at any day during the month)
  • In case no transaction is conducted in the account for one year then such an account becomes dormant and will require reactivation for conducting transactions in the same.
  • If balance in an account is less than required limit during any single day of a month, free services will not be available and Schedule of Charges will be applicable for one month from the date on which the minimum balance requirement was breached.
  • All prevailing SBP regulations and Government taxes, laws, etc are applicable.

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