Raast Sahulat Account

Deposit in Raast Sahulat Account(PLS-Profit or Loss Sharing Account) are accepted under PKR on Musharaka basis strictly in comformity with the principles of Islamic Shariah under the general pool of investment account holders. The deposits recieved in Raast Sahulat Account are invested in Islamic assets like Murabah, Ijarah Deminishing Musharaka or Islamic Sukuks.

Salient features

  • Initial deposit requirement is Rs. 5,000/-
  • Free Cheque book of 25 leaves or more.
  • Free Pay Orders.
  • Free Demand Drafts.
  • Free Call Deposits (CDR)
  • Free Online Transactions.
  • Free Issuance of ATM/Debit Card with No Annual Fee & Renewal Fee

Terms & Conditions:

  • Minimum balance requirement is not applicable on Free Issuance of ATM/Debit Card with No Annual Fee & Renewal Fee.
  • Maintain daily minimum balance of Rs. 25,000/-  to avail free services.
  • Withholding Tax and Zakat applicable as per prevailing laws and regulations of Pakistan.
  • All regulatory requirements laid down by SBP or any other Govt. authorities /agencies and BOKs polices/terms & conditions, time to time including KYC/AML etc. should be applicable on this account


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