• Fund Based
  • Non-Fund Based
  • Consumer Finance
  • Agriculture Finance
  • Development and Strengthening of SMEs

    Fund Based


    :: Running Finance
    This is a working capital finance facility available for one year and renewed subject to satisfactory utilization thereof.

    :: Cash Finance
    Cash finance is extended to manufacturing concerns for meeting their seasonal requirements (against pledge).

    :: Export Refinance
    This facility is encouraged to boost exports of the country. Funds are made available from SBP credit facilities.

    :: Demand Finance
    It is a term loan disbursed in lump sum or tranches and repayable in the form of monthly or quarterly installments.

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    :: Loan Against Salaries
    BOK provides loan against salary to employees of Government / Semi- Government organizations for personal domestic consumptions. The employee must be confirmed having minimum of three years of service. However, the remaining service period of the employees must not be less than terms of the loan. To avail this facility, the employee must be account holder of the bank. Loan limit is up-to 15 Take Home Salaries but not exceeding Rs. 1.00 million. This facility is available for a maximum period of 4 years but can be allowed for a shorter period.

    :: Micro Finance Loans
    BOK is offering Micro Finance facilities that aim at poverty alleviation by creation of income and employment generation activities.

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    :: Agriculture Credit

    Sada Bahar Zarai Loan: Designed to serve the working capital requirements of Agriculture Based activities especially, the cost of various inputs including seed, fertilizers, pesticides, labor, utility charges etc.

    Khyber Tractor Loan: This Scheme is aimed at financing of Tractors required by the farming community. The intending borrower can select a tractor of his choice from the open market or through booking from a Manufacturer.

    Tube Well & Farm Machinery / Equipments Loan: This product is aimed at mechanization of the agriculture activities and can be used for financing of Tube Wells and other farm machinery like Tractor trolleys, Threshers, Blades, Ploughs, etc.

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    Non-Fund Based Products


    :: Documentary Letter of Credit
    Import and Export Letter of Credit Facility enhances trade with our countries.

    :: Letter of Guarantee
    Letter of Guarantees are issued on behalf of customers to meet their commitments.

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    Head Office:- 24-The Mall,Peshawar Cantt,KHYBER PAKHTOONKHWA.(Pakistan)